Müller Yogurt and Fruit Salad


Müller or European for Yummy!  Well it’s yummy indeed, this yogurt was once suggested from a friend of mine and after trying it out, it quickly became not just one of my favorites, but my favorite yogurt of all time.  It might sound crazy but from now on I usually have few of these stocked up in the fridge, and I won’t be lying if I say I have it at least 3 times a week for breakfast or snack.  It’s absolutely delicious just how it is, very fruity on the top but nice and creamy on the bottom.  I am not sure what I like more my fruit salad or this amazing yogurt.


It does come in many flavors, and ALL of them taste amazing:) I have tried blueberries, passion fruit and strawberry flavors and I love them all.  Anyways if you haven’t yet tried it, please do and tell me what you think.   Here is the product company website and more info if you’d like http://mullerquaker.com.  I’ve seen these yogurts now sold in all major supermarkets and while prices vary, it ranges typically from $1-1.50 per yogurt, while not cheap…but honestly worth every penny.


If we were to write a romance novel about yogurt, it might start like this: Tasty and tantalizing low fat yogurt topped with a blissful layer of blueberry mousse. But we might not make it to the end before the entire blueberry yogurt has been eaten.

Peach and Passion Fruit:

Peach and passion fruit, together at last. Peach passion fruit yogurt by Müller® is great-tasting and irresistible. Deliciously tempting with a luscious layer of peachy passion fruit mousse on top, to be exact. This peach yogurt will engage a taste bud fantasy sequence.


We’ve revolutionized yogurt and strawberries! Tangy low fat strawberry yogurt topped with a sweet, splendid strawberry fruit mousse. This strawberry yogurt will get your mouth begging for more!

Source: Mueller. FruitUp.  http://mullerquaker.com/products/mullerfrutup  Retrieved on June 20, 2013

In addition to having yogurt and eggs for breakfast I try to keep it healthy by adding fresh fruit to my meals.  I made this salad with 2 Kiwi and few watermelon balls.  Very easy to make, fast and looks amazing.


I do have few little kitchen gadgets to help me out though, in order to make this salad look so nice.  One thing I like about cooking is using the same product for different purposes, for example I use egg cutter to also slice mushrooms and strawberries. In this case I like using my Farberware ice cream scoop for making melon and watermelon balls.  It’s very durable, made out of metal and has a release ring which makes it really easy to use.  In order to cut Kiwi I use my Crinkle Cut Knife which make fruit slices look wavy.

I also want to stay, that obviously for everyday type of fruit salad you might not go through the hassle of carving and cutting your fruit, you will just simply cut it up.  But, decorating your salad for parties or when it more fun kids (who maybe picky eaters) these few kitchen gadgets do come very handy and are super easy to use. Well anyways, that’s why we have our shop page with links to the products we use in order to better manage answering your questions.

Anyways, back to our breakfast again:)  There is really not much of a recipe for it, just a delicious yogurt with cut up fruit, simple and healthy from my home to yours. Hope you like it!:)  Let  me know what you think.





  1. I don’t really have any sciepfic recipes, but I add them to almost any winter salad. Fruit salads, green salads (except the ones that have veggies like carrots or tomatoes in them…they go well with cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, celery, etc.), sweet green salads (I often mix them with other fruits in a green salad and use an orange juice based dressing). I just love them too! But only fresh. My husband also floated them in champagne one year on Valentine’s Day! That was amazingly good. Yum!Liz

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