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Wonderful women with different backgrounds and hobbies by day, but amazing home chefs by night!  All are cooking and sharing their favorite recipes from their homes to yours.  As this site is still under development please come back soon, our chefs recipes will be added weekly!

Natalie - Flavor Shades ChefNatalie

I am Natalie, born and raised in the south of Ukraine, in a beautiful town of Simferopol, Krimea. I loved growing up by the Black Sea, I remember our house being always filled with fresh fruit  and veggies.  Parts of my family still lived in small villages outside of town, and every summer we would visit  them.  I remember learning to milk the goat, eating fresh fruit from cherry trees, sleeping on the hay and playing hide and seek with kids in the local corn fields.    I had many hobbies growing up, I remember wanting to try anything and everything I could get my hands on.  I went from acting in small children’s theater, to taking sawing workshops, reading numerous books of photography, you name it…I tried it all probably:)

My grandmother was the one who mostly cooked a lot in the house, but somehow no one ever taught me how to cook.  Oh boy, was I in trouble when I got married…However my passion for cooking came much later, and the inspiration came from little homemade red velvet cupcakes.  It took me many years to realize how delicious home made meals can be, how amazing it is to be able to cook something “just the way YOU like it” and how easy it is once you acquire some basic cooking skills.

Currently, I reside in Northport, NY.  I have been living in New York since 1995.  I am an occupational therapist by day, but a cook and a jewelry designer by night.   I live with my two beautiful kids and with the man of my life Sergey.  I am very excited to start this  amazing cooking journey and share my experiences/tips/recipes with all of you!  If you have any questions or comments please email me at landbish@gmail.com.  Thank you for visiting our blog, please come back again and comment, comment, comment:)





Dina -  Flavor Shades Chef


Welcome and I am so glad you stopped by Flavor Shades blog!

Hi, I am Dina:)

A little about my background and my past… I was born in a small town Florești in Moldova and grew up in a house with windows looking into a garden with apricot and cherry trees, bushes of black currant and grapes vines…it was beautiful… and it was even more beautiful because it was childhood… Time went by and in 1993 my family immigrated to USA. We first settled in Philadelphia and then moved just north outside of the city.

I am a mom of two boys and hold a full time job in a software company. I am passionate about cooking and baking and love to make delicious meals for my family and surprise them with new dishes and especially deserts! Together with my dear friends, who all are amazing chefs I will be sharing with you my creations and really hope you enjoy looking at them and try to make them in your kitchens.

Imagine the taste. Delight in presentation. Find your inspiration.
And most importantly…Enjoy! :)


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